Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!

First day of summer is this Saturday June 20.  We are thrilled to report that while several things have been cancelled this summer here in Western Colorado, real estate is going strong! We are working with new listings, getting contracts on existing listings and helping buyers purchase properties. These past couple of weeks have been very (happily) busy! If you think you might have some real estate questions or just want to discuss the real estate market, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Click on our home page to search for properties:  https://www.visionrealestate.co/

Even with the cancellations, there are still fun things to do for you and your family. The big one is Garth Brooks’ Drive In Concert which will be held at both Delta and Montrose drive in theaters:

The drive in theaters are open 7 days a week too.  Showing some classic movies along with new releases and special features.

The Farmer’s Markets up and down the Western Slope are all open now and going strong. Make sure to visit and support the locals!

We are excited for this summer and all it will bring. We hope that you are doing well and staying safe too. And don’t forget to call us with your real estate questions or to buy or sell property. Happy summer everyone!


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